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University Student House Bills – How much do they cost?

Summary: Approximately £12 per person per week (depending on the size of your house). Read below to find out why & a few tips for getting the cheapest bills.

Around this time of year, a lot of students start looking for houses to move into with friends or course mates in the following year, so I’ve written this to help with the issue of bills!

In my first year at University, bills were included in my accommodation rent (and before I moved away to Uni, my parents paid the house bills) so moving into a self-rented house without the bills included was something I had never experienced before. How much should water cost per month? Do you have to pay for both water and sewage?

After some research, I found there wasn’t much help for sorting out bills, apart from a few companies that would charge you hundreds of pounds to do it for you. Don’t let them! You can do it!

Here are some key notes to help you when you orgainse your house bills:
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